Community House Services & Activities

Community Lunch

The community lunch is held every Tuesday 12.30 – 2 pm where a free meal is provided. This is a time to share a meal and a conversation with others in a friendly safe supportive environment.

Support Services

Our staff are trained to assist individuals or groups to access appropriate support with employment or health services. 

Community Meals

Lyttelton Community House Meals

Our professional cooks create fresh, varied and healthy meals, on site, in our commercial kitchen.  Meals are cooked on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and delivered chilled by volunteers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm.  If you are not at home, meals can be left in an iced chilly bin (customer to supply). 

Meals are only $8.50 / meal.  You can pay in cash at Community House or by Automatic Payment.  

Please feel welcome to phone, email or drop in to Community House with any enquiries. 


Roast meal 

Matariki Celebration

Matariki Celebration 2016
“Celebrating our cultural diversity through the sharing of dance and music”

Maori New Year- Matariki Celebration is held every year in June. This event is organised jointly between LCH and local iwi.

To all Harbour Basin Primary Schools/ Kindergarten/ Preschools/ Choirs/ Cultural groups

We extend a warm invitation to all your cultural music and dance groups within your school and early childhood communities to perform at our Matariki Celebration in Lyttelton in June 2016.

If you would like your Kapahaka, Dance or Music groups to be included in our family orientated celebrations of entertainment, interactive participation, sharing and fun then please contact Wendy at Community House.



Parihaka Rememberance

We hold a rememberance service yearly on November 5th at the Lyttelton Rose Garden (Old Gaol site) and then at the Memorial stone at Rapaki Marae.

Working together with local iwi and North Island Maori we remember this peaceful protest that ended with many of the men taken from their lands and being imprisoned throughout New Zealand without a trial.

In Lyttelton they were intered in the Lyttelton Gaol and Ripapa Island. Many were buried at Rapaki, where a memorial stone has been erected in their memory.

Recreational Activities

Community House provides two types of activities. The first is a range of resources on site, including books, puzzles, internet access and DVD afternoons in the winter.

The second involves taking small groups of people on outings around Christchurch & Banks Peninsula going to places that they would not normally be able to visit due to personal circumstances. This service is co-ordinated by Kathy.

Lyttelton Harbour Fruit and Vege Collective

The Lyttelton Harbour Fruit and Vegetable Collective is a joint venture between Lyttelton Community House and The Lyttelton Harbour Timebank in partnership with the Christchurch cathedral Trust, Community and Public Health, the Linwood Fruit & Vege Co-op.

Produce packs vary from week to week depending on seasonal availability and consist most often of at least four types of vegetables and three types of fruit.
An order must be placed a week in advance with your payment at Lyttelton Community House, 7 Dublin Street or the Lyttelton Information Centre before Thursday 12 noon of the previous week or at the time of pick up at the Union Church hall for the following week.
For $12.00 paid in advance you receive a pack of market fresh fruit and vegetables. The coop now offers $6 half packs.

Packs are available for pick up each Wednesday at the Union Church Hall, Winchester Street between 12.30- 2.30pm. If you are unable to pick up your order before 2.30pm, unclaimed orders will go up to the Lyttelton information Centre but must be collected by 4:00pm.

As well as enjoying good quality produce at very affordable prices participants are all learning how to cook things they would not normally buy.
For more information, or to sign up and receive a weekly bag, contact Lyttelton Community House 741 1427 or Drop in at 7 Dublin Street or from Lyttelton Information Centre, 328 9093, at 20 Oxford St, Lyttelton.

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Ph (03) 741 1427
Ground Floor
7 Dublin Street
Monday to Friday
10am to 2pm


New Ideas for activities or projects are always welcome